CTPA in an effort to fulfill its mandate is always looking for innovative ways to provide value to our members. Whether you are a non-profit and/or for-profit entity, if you feel that your organization can partner with us to provide our members with a value-add, we are looking forward to your proposal. See proposal guidelines below.


If you are looking to share your event/initiative through our social channels and to our members. Please contact us and provide a description as to why your project is of a benefit to our membership base and aligns with our values (at least 1 month notice).

Event Collaboration

If you have a great idea for an event and want to work with us to bring it to life, let us know (generally please reach out to us at least 3 months in advance of the anticipated date that you are looking to host the event).

Resource Sharing

Looking for speakers or additional resources, let us know how we can help and if we can, we would be more than happy to reach out to you (please provide 3 months’ notice).

Preferred Partner

Looking to expand the reach of your organization’s product and/or services to our membership. Reach out to us and become a preferred partner. Please not the preferred partner programs may be subject to sponsorship requirements.

Submit a Proposal

Become a Partner


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at or