Nisa Karan – Registered Nurse & Realtor

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Nisa Karan is a full-time practicing Registered Nurse and a licensed Real Estate Professional serving the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario.

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From a very young age, Nisa had a strong interest for medicine. This interest slowly began to shift as she grew into her teenage years and became exposed to the realm of make-up artistry. She thought a career in cosmetology was what laid ahead for her. This all changed while having her grandfather live with her and her family. Nisa saw her grandfather go from being a fully functional and capable individual to someone who continuously got sicker and sicker. She witnessed his constant sporadic involvement with EMS, nurses, and hospitals. This ignited her desire and passion to become a nurse and be able to help others like those whom helped her grandfather. Thus, Nisa went on to obtain her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Ryerson University and continued her education in Occupation Health while also attaining her Canadian Registered Safety Professional designation. With a specialization in Disability Management, Nisa has worked in the Occupational Health industry for nearly 2 years now.

Nisa currently holds the title of Disability Management Practitioner/Occupational Health Nurse at a major Tri-City (Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge) motor manufacturing company. Nisa says, “In the Western society, people spend more time at the workplace than they do anywhere else. But the normal expectation is that you finish your work, and then you worry about your health.”In her role as an occupational health nurse, Nisa provides resources that place importance on workplace health in a preventative approach. This results in employees becoming happier and healthier, thus in turn performing better and living longer. “The main role of a nurse consists of advocacy, health promotion, protection and prevention,” she says.

She works inter-professionally with a team of kinesiologists, doctors, nurses, orthopaedic surgeons, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, ergonomists, managers, human resource, and employees. Her job varies from day today. Some of her tasks include communicating with the workplace safety and insurance board, attending meetings, working with a team of health care professionals to develop plan of cares for any injured employees, as well as monitoring medical recoveries.

Nisa is not only a nurse but also a licensed Real Estate Professional. She was introduced to the realm of real estate during her time in nursing school by one of her cousins. This exposure by her cousin inspired Nisa in attaining her first role in the real estate scene as a Director of recruitment, coaching and training at a real estate brokerage. With the guidance and encouragement from a broker, Rajeef Kones, at the brokerage she worked at, she gained inspiration to take it further. She began to develop a strong passion for this industry and ultimately gained her license to practice the trade. She now proudly services the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario.

“Every day to me is fun because I love what I do. As people have careers and hobbies, they are passionate about outside of their work, mine is nursing and real estate. People finish a hard days work and go home to sit back, have a cup of tea and then spend hours doing what they love to do. Well, I finish a great day at work, and spend the rest of my day doing real estate its my passion and hobby. A lot of people tell me to slow down because I am eventually going to burn out however I don’t agree with this statement at all. Richard Branson (The VirNisa Karan_job shotgin Group, CEO) said it best I don’t think of work as work, and play as play. Its all living. Being successful has nothing to do with anything but the simple notion that you are happy while doing it, everything else will follow. A key piece of advice I would give, and this was a rule that we followed in our household is whatever you want to do, no matter what anybody else has to say, just DO IT; even if it fails, at least you tried. Secondly, think of your goals and write it down, make sure they are SMART (specific measurable attainable results focused timely).” – Nisa Karan

Growing up, Nisa’s biggest supporters were her parents and the source of her motivation to keep going, day in and day out. They never enforced societal standards on her but rather wanted her to pursue whatever she had the passion for, “They didn’t care whether I went to university or college as long as I went on to do what I loved doing.”

When asked about how Nisa balances two professional careers, she says it is rooted in a very disciplined schedule.

“Failing to plan is planning to fail, I plan and I plan a lot. I have short term and long term goals, and I make sure to follow it to the T. From my sleep, to my meals, to my career, to real estate, to working out I plan it all. This is what keeps me focused and balanced, because when I know what I am to do for the day inclusive of recreation, I feel good about the day and about myself.” – Nisa Karan

You can follow Nisa on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @realtornisa.

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