Theepan Balasubramaniam – Re-Engineering the Real Estate Industry

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965241_640862229274560_996876751_oTheepan Balasubramaniam, an electrical engineer by education, is a Realtor with Century 21 Titans. More commonly known as “Homes By Theepan”, he has built his brand with an emphasis on service and education. As a testament to that, he has built credibility through video testimonials.

In 2004, having completed his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Ottawa, Theepan went on to work in an array of corporate companies such as IBM, BlackBerry and Ontario Telemedicine Network with his engineering background. Fresh out of university, with his engineering degree in one hand and his passion for real estate in the other, Theepan was faced with the question most entrepreneurs face – do I pursue what I love or do what I invested $40K and 4 years in? He went on to do what was the most realistic option at that point – he entered the corporate world.

Although he was working in his field, his heart was still in real estate. He proactively followed the real estate market and looked into buying properties and pre-construction projects. He soon was in a position of looking into buying his first property. After purchasing his first home, he realized there was a huge gap in what people really know about buying and selling properties. Why isn’t this information in a readily available, easy to digest format? Well that’s why he got into the business. With this he immersed himself into the industry and went on to pursue his real estate license.

“Being a Realtor allows me to connect with someone on a whole new level. I don’t wish to just sell homes, I want to empower people with the knowledge around buying, selling, and maintaining properties. Home ownership, in my opinion, is a milestone. I aim to make this milestone in a person’s life an aspect to remember and cherish.” – Theepan Balasubramaniam

He loved the concept that no matter what walks of life you are in, there is one commonality: to find the perfect living space. Now a fully licensed Realtor, he pursued a full time career in real estate where he continued to learn and grow, establishing himself as one of Ontario’s top Realtors with the full support from family and friends. He calls himself his own critic – constantly questioning himself and striving to set himself apart in this highly competitive market.

You may think this is no different than being a sales person but I’m not in the business of sales – I’m in the business of people.” – Theepan Balasubramaniam

“There is no such thing as a typical day in real estate,” says Theepan, “It can range from having an open day to a very busy day in a split second.” Aside from the normal duties that go along with real estate, Theepan enjoys market trend analysis, writing blog posts about the “must-knows” of real estate and keeping up to date with the constantly changing real estate market.

“There is no secret to real estate. Don’t think of it as a quick buck – invest in yourself, invest in marketing, learn the business and focus on the client’s priorities. I’ve built my business on 3 pillars – Empower, Execute and Enhance. My vision is to empower my clients with the right information needed to buy and sell their home with confidence, executing a customized plan of action to ease the process and creating an enhanced experience throughout their entire journey.  Through my articles and home buyer seminars, I’m hoping to educate homeowners, current and potential, on the ins and outs of real estate.” – Theepan Balasubramaniam

Engineer, Realtor, but who is Theepan apart from this? Outside of work, he loves to dance, watch and play sports, read blogs and watch movies.

Theepan is currently working on a lead generation tool for Realtors, expected to launch this year. In addition, he recently founded a company called VeeDu Living Inc. One of their first initiatives will be a home and garden show showcasing April 2016.

You can visit Theepan’s website at For any further questions or inquiries, he can be contacted at

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