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It’s always a great time get involved with the Canadian Tamil Professionals Association. We seek volunteers who look for opportunities to make a positive difference in our professional community. Choose the path that’s right for you.

Develop new skills
Meet like-minded volunteers
Create Positive Change

We are now HIRING!

Interested in volunteering with CTPA?
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Director of Signature Events
Events Associate

Marketing & Communications:
Head of Social Media
Graphic Designer

External Relations:
Partnership Lead
Head of Sponsor Relations and Sponsor Leads
Head of Community Partners

Internal Relations:
Director of Internal Relations
Head of Engagement

Fundraising Lead


Volunteer Testimonials

I am grateful for the opportunity to be volunteering for Canadian Tamil Professionals Association
(CTPA). I wanted to be part of an organization operated by like-minded
professionals sharing the drive and motivation to dream bigger and accomplish goals in
alignment with the Tamil community. CTPA gave me a platform to showcase my leadership
skills but also provided opportunities to facilitate workshops, organize events and network within
the community in order to develop my professional skills. Started from being an attendee at
Toast to Success 2017 to becoming a volunteer the following year and now to being the Head of
Signature Events, I have learned a lot about myself. I continue to evolve and I am excited to see
what the future holds with CTPA. – Ahiraa Supeinthiran

“CTPA is a great organization and volunteering has opened up doors to meet like-minded
professionals across industries! If you’re looking to work with motivated individuals looking to
make positive change – this is the place to be!“ – Ashwin Vadivelu

“My experience volunteering with CTPA has been wonderful. I have met many kind, dedicated,
and ambitious professionals who want to help elevate others and expand their networks, while
keeping up with the pulse of the Tamil community. Being able to share my creativity in my role is
very fulfilling, and it is a delight to be on an amazing team!“ – Anita Rajan

“Volunteering with the CTPA is an excellent opportunity. It is a great way to give back to the
community, network with other professionals, and even learn a thing or two in a field you don’t
normally work in!”– Varnan Sarvananthan