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It’s always a great time get involved with the Canadian Tamil Professional Association. We seek volunteers who look for opportunities to make a positive difference in our professional community. Choose the path that’s right for you.

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Volunteer Testimonials

“Being a volunteer with CTPA allows me to be part of dynamic teams with like-minded individuals, work together to create and execute events. Being part of CTPA has been a fun experience and one that has contributed to my personal development. CTPA provides plenty of opportunities to meet rising and accomplished individuals within our community. It is a satisfying feeling to know that by giving my time and energy that I am contributing in some way to developing our community. “ – Jenopa Arulananthan

“I have been working in the pharmaceutical industry for two years. I have been volunteering with the CTPA for the past one and a half year. This has been a rewarding experience as there has been plentiful opportunities for networking, professional skill development such as leadership and opportunities to meet other professionals in the same field to exchange experiences and knowledge. Being apart of the CTPA has helped me to set my own professional goals, meet some incredible and inspiring people and be apart of a team that is not hesitant to help one another. I look forward to another great year. “ – Tharsika Paramsothy

“Volunteering with CTPA for the last year and a half has provided me the opportunity to give back to my community, build my skills and network with like-minded professionals. I have met many incredible individuals and made some great friends through CTPA. Looking forward to another great year of volunteering! “ – Darsi Panchalingam

“Volunteering at CTPA has been a fulfulling experience. CTPA has taught me to step out of comfort zone and it feels very rewarding to be able to give back to our Tamil community. “ -Hamzny Krish

“Volunteering with CTPA has been an absolute pleasure! I’ve continued to develop my leadership skills through planning events with strong end goals in mind. Working in a warm and welcoming environment and giving back to the Tamil Community is simply an amazing experience.“ – Jananthini Sivabasgaran

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Interested in Volunteering with CTPA? Email us at info@tamilprofessional.ca to get involved today!