International Transgender Day of Visibility

Today (March 31st) is marked as the International Transgender Day of Visibility. We unite with our Trans community as allies to celebrate this vibrant community and their journey to create an equitable, inclusive, and loving place in society. In part, we use today to renew our promise to continue to educate ourselves about the Trans community and continue to act as a voice of advocacy for them by building awareness and finding resources to educate ourselves on how we can better support them. Here are some steps you can take to create a safe space for everyone: 

    1. Use gender-neutral language in both professional and non-professional settings to promote inclusivity. Use language that includes “We,” “Us,” and “They,” and avoid using gender-specific pronouns. Whether you identify as trans folk or an ally, you can learn how to include your pronouns in conversation and eSignatures, whether it’s on Zoom, Instagram, your CV/resume, or LinkedIn. Resource:
    2. There are many misconceptions and questions regarding the Trans community. If we grew up in communities or families that shied away from speaking about the 2SLGBTQIA+ communities, it was likely because these spaces were ill-informed or did not know. We must learn to listen before we talk and choose to understand to relate. It is remarkable how much we can learn to provide support by choosing to listen. Watch this video to learn more:
    3. For additional resources for support and advocacy, please visit:

CTPA stands as an ally for the Transgender community and vows to continue to educate ourselves on the journey and progress that Trans folk have made and continue to make to this day. We pledge to create a space of safety and kindness to promote inclusivity and visibility.