How do I get the most out of mentorship? 10 tips

Mentorship is a great way for mentors to share their resources, knowledge and expertise, so that they can further both of their professional journeys. If you are wondering how to make the most out of your mentor-mentee relationship, take a look at a few tips and tricks recommended to make your experience a fruitful one.

  1. Take Initiative:

    Always take the initiative to reach out to your mentor and schedule meetings at regular intervals.  Organise your meetings by marking them down in your calendar and stick to your schedule throughout the year.

  2.  Open Communication:

    Communication is the key in any relationship, and the one between a mentor and a mentee is no exception. It is important to be transparent with your mentor about your goals and what you hope to take away from the relationship. Let your mentor know if you have any questions or issues.

  3. Maintain contact:

    Once you start your relationship with your mentor, be consistently in touch with each other, and inform them of everything that is happening with you professionally. Be prompt in your responses and ask questions whenever necessary. If an unexpected issue pops up, make sure to inform your mentor in advance, and reschedule your meeting

  4. Get to know their style:

    Everybody has their own style of working and communication. Understanding how your mentor likes to interact with you will make it easier for both of you to get the most out of the relationship.

  5. Actively participate in meetings:

    Always prepare yourself ahead of each meeting, and contribute to the conversation with your mentor. Actively jot down the most important things discussed during each meeting to ensure more focused and productive discussion sessions. Mentorship is more productive when you have a conversation, not a lectur

  6. Share your progress:

    Keep your mentor involved and include your goals in your development plan. Constantly track your progress throughout the journey with your mentor. Tracking your work not only gives you an idea on your progress but also on the effectiveness of the mentorship program itself.

  7. Attend events together:

    Events act as a great source of knowledge transfer and information to keep both the mentor and mentee updated about your field of interest. Offer ideas on activities you can do together, for example, attending a CTPA event or workshop in your field. This allows you to develop your relationship in a more casual environment. 

  8. Drive the relationship:

    The success and outcome of the mentorship will be more fruitful if the mentee takes the initiative in driving the relationship forward. Mentors appreciate mentees who take charge so they can make the most out of the program.

  9. Share your experience with others :

    Learn from other mentors and mentees to see what works for them and help others with your experience. By sharing your experience, not only will you learn methods to improve your own mentor-mentee relationship, but you may also inspire your colleagues and friends to become a mentor or a mentee.

  10. Be open to feedback:

    Constructive criticism and feedback helps a person understand where they stand and where improvement is required. A mentorship relationship is meant to help you grow. Stay positive and keep in mind the feedback your mentor provides you, so that you can improve your career.

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